The ocean is a beautiful place.  Without knowledge of how and when to interact, it can be dangerous.  The club exists to help our kids learn the water-knowledge skills necessary to enjoy the surf, regardless of what mode of wave-riding.  The club is not a replacement for swim classes, junior guards, etc, but an extension of that knowledge.  Here are a few items which the club will adhere to to ensure a safe as possible environment.

Daylight Savings – Around October/ November the time changes and it is dark around 5pm.  The club will not hold any practices or events where club kids are in the water during the dark.  Around March or so the time will change back and the club will continue run practices and events, but never in the dark.

Cancellations due to current ocean conditions – The ocean is always changing.  The directors reserve the right to cancel/modify any practice or event based upon current ocean conditions.  Every attempt will be made to notify parents/responsible parties that practice or events had to cancel or be modified.  Often, the call to cancel is made on the beach and the only way to communicate that is via the group email.

Mandatory parent/responsible adult participation – The club focuses on the family aspect of the surfing lifestyle.  At any and all practices or events, there MUST be a responsible adult for each club member.  Many parents choose to surf with their children while some choose to watch them from the beach.  In either scenario, there must be a responsible adult assisting the Directors with the practice or event.

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