peer_support_-_what_is_it_and_does_it_work_0Look here for information about the many services available in Point Loma that give back by supporting our school and our students!  This fall, we are highlighting Mr. Benjamin’s Cotillion!

Attention Current Sixth Grade Parents!!

Once again, Mr. Benjamin’s Cotillion will be offered here in the Point Loma area.  This is a 64 year tradition of 6th grade children attending this program, throughout San Diego.  The classes will start this fall and end in early May.  The program is taught by Mr. Peter G. Benjamin.  It involves a series of 1 hour classes, held on an every other Monday night schedule, 7:30-8:30. Classes will be held at Silver Gate Elementary School.  The cost for the 6 month program will be $260.  A onetime payment or a 3 payment option.  Each class, the children are involved in topics pertaining to manners, thoughtfulness and self-confidence. They also dance, in order for them to become more comfortable and self-assured in talking with others.  If you would like to receive an invitation, please fill out the form located at   Invitations will be mailed in late August.  For more information about the program, feel free to visit the web site, or contact Mr. Benjamin  directly at (619) 222-3769.

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